I urged the two travelers sharing my boat to help me sail into the iceberg field. It would be difficult and even more so dangerous, but perhaps it could give us cover from the floating lights. Seeing us power up our propulsion systems and delve into the field, the other travelers quickly followed suit. Soon we twisted and wound through a labyrinth of ice.

For perhaps a quarter hour we saw no sign of the lights. Many times we had close calls with the icebergs; two or three times our hull struck ice, though we suffered no major damage.

Then the first blue light found us. Before long we were surrounded. How had they moved so fast, found us so easily? I had no chance to seek answers to those questions, for suddenly every single light turned red.

The icebergs began to move. Towards us, all around us, the icebergs began to close in, mountains of ice wrestled impossibly through the water. Closer, closer, and then—

Signal lost. Return to previous iteration?