Welcome to Orion.

Sometimes, you don't need a spaceship to travel the final frontier.

Sometimes, all you need is to be in the right place, at the right time.

Among the cold ruins of long-fallen civilizations littering lonely and distant planets, gateways remain. Hundreds of portal networks stretch in great webs across the stars, shrinking the impossible distances of interstellar space to mere footsteps.

And closer to home, among the dominion of humanity, something stirs beneath the surface of physical reality. Dreams intertwine; subconscious thoughts coalesce. Our collective consciousness has given rise to a new realm, and some have learned to traverse it...

Together, these form the Weave. An idea, a thing, something in between——a way to explore the universe on foot.


Travel Companions

Casiopean Isopods

These crustaceous critters hail from Kelpeater's famous forest habitats, and will help keep you and your companions comforted on long journeys with their cuddly claws and lovely shells.

Inkle's Mushroom Guards

A strong shroom guard grown in the refugium of the renowned gardener Inkle, this special Amanita Muscaria will protect you and your companions from all but the most harrowing dangers, while providing moral support when needed.

Tarraxahum's Machine-Spirits

These ancient robots were brought back to life and bestowed with sentience in the den of the fabled Tarraxahum. Once bound to a fate of servitude and floor cleansing, they now join you and your companions as fierce warriors of steel and jewel.

Linpossums of Linwood

These friendly possum-like creatures have been brought from the distant Linwood to provide ample companionship on long interstellar journeys.