CCD Cameras


I just got two of 'em. And while I hold the kind of haughty disdain for digital photography that only a snobby film photographer can have, I'll let old CCD cameras pass any day. Apart from the charm of old technology, and the quirky designs that many digital cameras had in their early days, there is a kind of analog quality that CCD sensors have that remains unmatched by modern CMOS sensors. Due to the way their circuitry and individual pixel sensors detect light, CCDs produce vibrant off-tone images that approximate the feel of film very well. And while it still doesn't come close to film's look and feel, sometimes you just don't want to spent money each time you press the shutter button. As someone who might be looking at student loans soon, that's pretty important.

The first CCD camera is one I've already introduced. It is the Fujifilm Finepix 6800Z, and after ordering a new battery for it, I have been using it as my sleeper/everyday camera. With 3.3 megapixels of resolution and an internal storage enough for 53 images, it is certainly enough for... taking pictures, I guess. My phone camera still wins out in terms of sheer quality. But that aside, out of my two CCD cameras, it feels the best to use, and is the most polite. As in, it tells you "Hello" and "See You!" in its LCD status display. I mean, why even use a camera if it doesn't have good manners?

Unfortunately for the Finepix 6800Z, the other camera, the Canon PowerShot SD750, is objectively better in every other regard. It is much smaller and lighter, has a better sensor and lens (7.1 megapixels), has much better battery life, and holds around 7800 more highest-quality images with its 32gb SD card. Still, whenever I can, I use the Finepix. There's just something about the older, clunkier hardware that appeals more to me despite the inferior technical specifications. And the PowerShot most certainly does not greet you and bid you goodbye every time you use it. In the end, the Finepix wins out for me. But if you're looking for something to actually replace your phone camera, then the PowerShot is the way to go.