Welcome to the studio.

You grow tired of the chatter and commotion, and decide to wander around the lounge.

Soon, you come across a small door blending into the back of the house. It smells of pine——real pine wood, a rarity on this moon.

Curiosity overtakes you, and you swing open the entrance with a quiet creak.

Within, you find a studio. Someone has been here, and very recently. Will they return soon?

Under the silvery light of a rain-dappled window, an unfinished painting sits atop an easel. Paints and brushes litter the room. Supplies are strewn about the place, and you find yourself taking care of your footing to not strike stray equipment.

And on the far wall, hang several pieces of framed art, each one eye-catching in its own right.

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Page last updated on June 14th, 2024.

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Aurora - Goth Alinua

Drawing the main characters of the webcomic Aurora (it's awesome please give it a read) in alt outfits for my rock band AU. Here's Alinua if she was goth and used her magic to play the electric guitar.


My new fursona, Sola, a punk kitty inspired by 1970s punk culture! Carrying a deep-seated hatred for all authority, they show up wherever there is chaos, whether it be in the depths of a mosh pit or on a riot-ravaged city street. When they’re not stirring up shit, however, Sola is very soft-spoken and gentle and always does the dishes for their roommates.

Flyover at Nilakh

A new illustration for Sailor for the Second Dusk in my new paint/celshade combo artstyle. This one also reflects the current aesthetic of my novel, whereas most of my previous illustrations had a different and kinda outdated vibe.

Among the many garden-planets under the Dynasty of Skaude's dominion, the frigid Ain Prime, largest moon of the gas giant Antharai, is most replete with prisons. Here the most dangerous criminals in the Hyades Cluster are kept, and here too, in the ancient and famous Nilakh City Arena, they provide the most thrilling entertainment for the Dynasty's nobility. Having narrowly escaped from the confines of the arena, Kesser of Estale finds himself pursued by a trio of biplane jets as he makes a desperate run through Nilakh's streets.

Debrief 1

Trying to draw my OCs in a new artstyle... here's Sidrah (left) and Nura (right) in the one of the Frontier Sail's quarters hanging out listening to the radio and drinking tea and reading... auuughh they're so besties enjoying the moment...

Wei Reference Sheet

Finally got around to making a reference sheet for my fursona. It was honestly kind of a pain in the ass to paint in this new artstyle, but my fluffy boi now at last has detailed information and complete fur patterns!

Sunset Flight

Another concept piece for Wraith of Five Moons. On the world of Orolith, night is the time of air. When the setting sun begins to give way to darkness, fleets of skyships and airplanes take to the skies, their channeler enginners eagerly awaiting the arcane light of the moons.

Landscape Commission, February 3rd 2024

A piece commissioned by a friend. It depicts a vivid dream he wanted drawn very badly. I ended up making multiple versions of the painting for him, but this one is the coolest in my opinion.

Skyship Troopers

Concept art for Wraith of Five Moons, a dieselpunk fantasy WIP.

Depicted is a skyship rising from the water and carried into the air by its runic repulsion plates. Patrolling the nearby shore are a pair of channellers, one of which is using the Elemental Arts to transmit a firing signal to the skyship’s main battery.

Furry Syndicalism

A fun little piece I did for funsies while on the Amtrak. I love vintage propaganda posters and the thought of my fursona being in one was too silly to not draw :3

Alazir Exterior

Exterior of Freeport Alazir, the last independent nation in the Hyades Cluster. Legend has it that Alazir only reveals itself to those who its residents intend to let aboard. Thus, invitation telegrams from the space station are highly sought after by spacers across the Hyades.


My fursona. He is a twink dragon from outer space and his whiskers can sense radio waves :3


A character from Sailor for the Second Dusk. Once a member of Wandering Fleet Darai-Takh, Nura was exiled when she accidentally killed over a dozen people including her entire family. After wandering the Cluster for some time, she was rescued from imprisonment by Kesser and brought into the Frontier Sail's crew.

Freeport Alazir

A digital painting of a scene in Sailor for the Second Dusk. Depicted is the interior of Freeport Alazir, a space habitat built into the tail of a comet in the Deltauri system, and the last free nation of the Hyades Cluster. Due to the overwhelming presence of water ice in the rock surrounding Alazir's primary centrifuge drum, excess moisture has seeped inside and given the station a distinctly rainy and miserable climate. Nonetheless, Alazir is a city famed for its lively streets steeped in bright neon, casting gaudy rays to mingle with the colourful fabrics of merchant tents, dappled and wavering in a wet and heavy mist which carries every manner of culinary scent high into the cold air.

It is here, in an inn just outside the city's central commercial district, that our protagonists Kesser and Sidrah take shared respite during the Frontier Sail's long journey across the Cluster.

This painting was inspired by a work by the incredibly talented Richie Carter.


A character from Sailor for the Second Dusk. Born a bastard daughter of the Duke of Tal and raised by a single mother, Sidrah took to the stars to escape an arranged marriage and search for space riches. However, in doing so, she left behind her childhood friend Kesser.


The main character of Sailor for the Second Dusk. Once an ordinary farmer with no ambitions for adventure or wealth, Kesser was forced to leave his home planet of Tal after being falsely convicted of murdering his childhood friend Sidrah, who had disappeared without a trace.

"Where am I?"

A painting of my 'sona, Wanderer, and a tribute to No Man's Sky. I tried using a much brighter and happier palette for the piece instead of my usual moody style, and I think it turned out super well. I'm pretty stoked about this painting. Definitely gonna be using it to show my online identity from now on.

Airship Dock

A standalone painting from my ideas backlog. It could be part of the setting for my novel, but I'm not really sure where it would fit in. I just wanted to draw another nighttime landscape, and I've been pretty obsessed with airships lately, so I decided to mash those things together.

Red Star Castaway

My first successful attempt at painting an anthro furry character. I might start a webcomic based on this.

Derelict Station

A painting of a scene from my work-in-progress novel Sailor for the Second Dusk. Three spacer pirates stop to scavenge supplies from what they think is an ancient derelict station, but soon find it was destroyed far more recently than they thought. Among these spacers is the main character, who is still getting used to his suit and manoeuvring pack.

Untitled 1

My first full-size charcoal landscape, based on a film photo I took. It's a location in real life, but spiced up with my style own science fantasy flair, as shown by the patterns in the sky. It also kind of depicts a scene in my own imaginary universe, though the verdict is still out on whether this is canon or not.

Frontier Sail Crew - Pilot

One of my OCs from my work-in-progress novel Sailor for the Second Dusk. This character, Li "Chase" Chao-Feng, is the mysterious captain of the pirate starship Frontier Sail, and the one who originally obtained the ship from a place he refuses to talk about.

The Old Ways

It's been a while since my last sketch. But here's the culmination of several weeks of intermittent work: a beautifully rendered still life of all my favorite things. I like to think it captures my personality in that moment of time, with all the stuff I used at that point. It was also a real test of my ability to convey contrast and detail. I don't think I've ever done something this detailed in pencil.

Freight and Fog

A watercolor sketch of one of my film photographs. Everything involved in the making of this was completely analog and offline: I took the original exposure with a film camera, used a print of it as my reference, and did the whole painting in one session while blasting a Huey Lewis and the News cassette on my crapped out stereo. I'll definitely paint more of my photos later on.

Depot Standoff

I tried something different with this one, focusing heavily on figures and motion rather than scenery and setting. It depicts two of my novel’s OCs meeting for the first time, mired in misunderstanding and about to engage in a violent fight. Of course, they become good friends later on.

Postcards from the Hyades - Jhedd

This digital painting, part of a series of illustrations for my work-in-progress epic science fantasy novel, depicts an outpost constructed atop the towering rock formations of planet Jhedd's western sub-equatorial deserts.

In the yellow-gold light of late afternoon, as Jhedd's rings reflect the retreating sun, a sleek Dynasty frigate performs a vertical landing, its maneuvering thrusters spewing jets of hydrogen before a procession of apprehensive locals. From the cave where the viewer resides, a traveling rebel diplomat and her ceremonial camel watch the scene unfold, taking a brief respite from their long journey.

Out of all my landscape paintings, I am most proud of how this one turned out. Its colour palette and composition definitely surpass my previous works.