Welcome to the studio.

You grow tired of the chatter and commotion, and decide to wander around the lounge.

Soon, you come across a small door, blending into the back of the house. It smells of pine——real pine wood, a rarity on this moon.

Curiosity overtakes you, and you swing open the entrance with a quiet creak.

Within, you find a studio. Someone has been here, and very recently. Will they return soon?

Under the silvery light of a rain-dappled window, an unfinished painting sits atop an easel. Paints and brushes litter the room. Supplies are strewn about the place, and you find yourself taking care of your footing to not strike stray equipment.

And on the far wall, hang several pieces of framed art, each one eye-catching in its own right.

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Untitled 1

My first full-size charcoal landscape, based on a film photo I took. It's a location in real life, but spiced up with my style own science fantasy flair, as shown by the patterns in the sky. It also kind of depicts a scene in my own imaginary universe, though the verdict is still out on whether this is canon or not.

Frontier Sail Crew - Engineer

One of my OCs from my work-in-progress novel Sailor for the Second Dusk. While not the main character, this character, Nura Ashkari of the Wandering Fleets, represents the setting of the novel very well with from its heavy Eastern influences to its retrofuturistic aesthetic. Nura is the daughter of the Admiral of a nomadic Wandering Fleet, and was once set to be the next Admiral, before she received a blessing of power from the fractured remnants of an Archivist. She is now a crew member of the infamous rebel starship Frontier Sail, and spends her days working as the ship's chief engineer and providing intelligence for rebel cells. Unbeknownst to the other crew, however, she did not leave her home to become a spacer or a rebel, but rather to investigate the Ancient ruins scattered across all of known space——the same ruins that killed her mother.

The Old Ways

It's been a while since my last sketch. But here's the culmination of several weeks of intermittent work: a beautifully rendered still life of all my favorite things. I like to think it captures my personality in that moment of time, with all the stuff I used at that point. It was also a real test of my ability to convey contrast and detail. I don't think I've ever done something this detailed in pencil.

Freight and Fog

A watercolor sketch of one of my film photographs. Everything involved in the making of this was completely analog and offline: I took the original exposure with a film camera, used a print of it as my reference, and did the whole painting in one session while blasting a Huey Lewis and the News cassette on my crapped out stereo. I'll definitely paint more of my photos later on.

Depot Standoff

I tried something different with this one, focusing heavily on figures and motion rather than scenery and setting. It depicts two of my novel’s OCs meeting for the first time, mired in misunderstanding and about to engage in a violent fight. Of course, they become good friends later on.

Postcards from the Hyades - Jhedd

This digital painting, part of a series of illustrations for my work-in-progress epic science fantasy novel, depicts an outpost constructed atop the towering rock formations of planet Jhedd's western sub-equatorial deserts.

In the yellow-gold light of late afternoon, as Jhedd's rings reflect the retreating sun, a sleek Dynasty frigate performs a vertical landing, its maneuvering thrusters spewing jets of hydrogen before a procession of apprehensive locals. From the cave where the viewer resides, a traveling rebel diplomat and her ceremonial camel watch the scene unfold, taking a brief respite from their long journey.

Out of all my landscape paintings, I am most proud of how this one turned out. Its colour palette and composition definitely surpass my previous works.