Now leaving the Sanctum...

As the Sanctum recedes behind your ship, you enter the depths of deep space. All is still and empty, save for the rumble of nuclear drives beneath you.

You peer out through a porthole, and find the brilliant light of the Milky Way streaking through the endless void.

As the ship slowly turns, something else comes into view. A nebula. All around you is a cloud of radiant interstellar gas and dust, glowing faint blue in the light of nearby stars.

And then you arrive: before your ship, is a gateway across interstellar space, a colossal ring bridging a distance you cannot begin to comprehend. It seems to shimmer, beckoning you to enter.

You are approaching humanity's superhighway. A network connecting all of civilization. Do you wish to leave the comfort of the Sanctum, and explore the universe?

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Simon Stålenhag - Retro sci-fi books and paintings. One of my greatest artistic inspirations. His style is awesome.

GTGraphics - Science fiction and fantasy artwork. Every piece goes unbelievably hard and makes a great wallpaper.

PenguinInk Studio - Cool retro sci-fi artwork and more in traditional media.

Omniafui's Site - Awesome psychadelic-looking site with some great nuggets of wisdom.


Runaway to the Stars - Hard sci-fi slice of life type webcomic, with really neat characters and cool worldbuilding.

Brandon Sanderson - One of my favorite authors. Most of his fantasy novels take place in a shared universe known as the Cosmere.


GifCities - A massive archive of GeoCities gifs.

Yesterlinks Surf - A handy bookmark link that takes you to a random website among an ever-growing curated list. Great for surfing the modern World Wide Web.

W3Schools - A website to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Great for starting your own site.

DuckDuckGo - The best search engine. Great privacy, accurate results. Stick it to Google, use DuckDuckGo!

Butkus Free Camera Manuals - Free camera manuals for vintage film cameras. Never pay a manual site again!


Magic Words - A simple, fun TTRPG that I'm definitely gonna try out with my friends sometime.

Your World of Text - An infinite, interactive text canvas.